Wild Red and Japan Blue

These are the Ricky Lim Show fish for the 2016 NADA show. The big Maze busted his bag and had nearly expired. He laid on the bottom for 8 days with no improvement. I finally decided to place him in a tank with the divider real close to the tanks wall. Thank God I did as you can see in the next to videos it worked!!!


Martha Morris Highbody & T-Aqua Red Turquoise Male 06-13-15

Wantanabe Solid Type Female/Uatuma Red Male 10-10-15

Show fish offspring Batch B 03-16-16

Show fish offspring Batch A 03-16-16

High Body Blue Turquoise Male/Blue Knight Female Offspring 04-09-15

Dexter Heckle Cross. Male A./ Wantanabe Red Turquoise Female A. First Batch

Piwowarski Show Fish Offspring 04-04-15

Dexter Heckle Cross Male B./Martha Morris High Body Blue Turquoise Female D.

Show fish offspring Batch B. 03-21-15
Some may be wondering why I have not removed the deformed fish from this batch. I like to keep them with the others in case I decide I need to have a post mortem exam run on the group.

New Pair. Dexter Heckle Cross/Martha Morris Highbody Blue Turquoise. I had another Female with this Male Heckle but she was bigger and became aggressive, so I put in her smaller sister.

New Pair? Wantanabe Red Turquoise Offspring, (this Wantanabe Red Turquoise offspring fish looks like a colbalt and may be a female)/Martha Morris High Body Blue Turquoise, (known female).

New Pair? Wantanabe Red Turquoise Offspring. Unconfirmed.

New Pair. Wantanabe Red Turquoise/Heckle Cross

Show fish offspring Batch A. 03-13-15

Took a break from the fish last weekend and went down to one of my all time favorite spots. Had not been in nearly 20 years

Show fish offspring Batch A. 02-28-15

Show fish offspring Batch A. 02-27-15

Show fish offspring Batch B. 02-26-15

Wayne Ng Blue Knight Female Highbody Blue Turquoise Male

Heckel Cross/ Highbody Turquoise pair.

More Second Batch from Show Fish/Highbody Turquoise

T-Aqua Red Turquoise Offspring Wild Type

New Pair?

More Second Batch from Show Fish/Highbody Turquoise

Second Batch from Show Fish/Highbody Turquoise

First Batch from Show Fish/Highbody Turquoise

New Pair?

T-Aqua Red Turquoise Offspring have matured.

Yanked the tube after spawning had ceased.

Another batch of Show fish fry:

These shot in June 2014

I have had these for about a year. I brought the parents in from Japan and Auctioned four and Raffled the other four. One of the winners was kind enough to send me these. Yes they have the same parents even though there are four types of discus here.

Fry from the Piwowarski Show Fish and Martha Morris Female

One more pair: Blue Knight Female and Martha Morris Turquoise

Growing well they are!!!

Another Pair Just Formed

Here is the fry from the pair in the video below. They are being raised by their Aunt.

I got a small batch off of these guys. However I had to use a foster mother to do it.

These are the T-Aqua Red Turquoise Offspring in their new home the 150 Cube. They will stay here about another year or until they are ready to spawn.

A couple of very good friends sent me these Heckel Crosses for free. Including shipping!! I am excited as they are ready to spawn.

This is a tank I set up for a good friend of mine’s wife. She now has Discus Fever. All the fish came from Tony of Sunrise Tropicals. I think the song is fitting after this project.

Fry from the large Piwowarski Male and Martha Morris’s Female. These two did a good job last week fostering their first batch from three different pairs.

I have at least two confirmed pairs in this group of six, but maybe only one male! I need to clean up a few tanks to drop them in.

The Second Pair with three different batches of fry. One very small batch on the cone from the show pair.

Second Pair has formed, however they have been egg eaters: Very small batch here which I later returned to the parents along with eight fry which are about three days younger:

More from this nice group of T-Aqua F-1. Many different types here. What type of Discus did Watanabe use in his Red Turquoise Line?

Only twenty eggs on this go. They were not sticking to the pipe!

I pulled a small batch of eggs from these guys hours after this was shot. Fingers Crossed!!!!

Here are some wilds we have had in the past, all but the bright red ones at the very beginning of the video. Those are F-1 from Wantanabe.

Blue Female from Martha Morris who can be found by copying and pasting the link below in your browser:

Also Alex Piwowarski Jumbo Red Turquoise
Go here for details please. http://forum.simplydiscus.com/forumdisplay.php?207-Kingdom-Come-Discus-Haven-(Kraig-Koontz)-Wilmore-Lexington-Kentucky

See the Piwowarski Red Turquoise Adult show fish below.

The 2nd bi-annual NADA Discus Show in Atlanta is over. Kingdom Come Discus entered 4 fish. Two Wild Caught from Watanabe and Two Red Turquoise from Alex Piwowarski.  We were very fortunate to take home three trophies.  Third for the Wild Class. First Place in the Thick Line Class.  And Best In Show!!!!!

Please check out the videos below taken during the show.

Best In Show Fish NADA 2012

Please see show link below.






Kingdom Come Discus Haven has been on a break for most of 2013. The future is uncertain and as of December 2013 there are no plans for future fish to become available. We do have a few tanks of very nice fish and one day hope to have some nice offspring available. Thanks to all who visit here. I will continue to put up videos from time to time.